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Description: Transparent box which you need to attach to either of your eyeballs or skull to work Use chat channel 2 (/2) then use the following commands to set your title or whatever you which to use it for. titlte displays what you right after this above your head. time displays the current time in your time zone (edit script to pick your own zone), the current server time (servers have a four hour day, 3 light, and 1 dark), and the minutes till sunrise or sunset. pos displays your current server, position on that server, elevation, and speed in kph. scan shows if there are any other avatars in a 96 meter radius and who they are. lag displays the frame rate and delay stats for the server you are on. ani displays what animation you are using (useful in Animation Overriding). to makes whatever you have displaying instantly disappear. Example: /2 title what you want

Number of prims: 0

Seller: Dino Promotions





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